Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Bite of the Apple

The big news is that Apple and Apple Corps have settled their on-going litigations (going back 20 years) over trademark rights. This is why I pratice copyright law.

First of all, I've never confused the computer company with the music company and god knows their logos look nothing alike. I don't think that the two logos have any likelihood of confusion at all. I was looking at the granny smith this morning and I have to ask: didn't the Beatles' Apple used to show the cut inside of the Apple on its vinal labels and wasn't there something actually risque about the look? Nevertheless, that's a far cry from the rainbow-striped bitten logo of the computer company.

Back when the issue was that the computer company agreed it wouldn't go into the music business, I confess I saw trouble ahead. I mean, how could Apple not believe it would someday be involved with music. So, I was a bit surprised by the recent court rulings (and certainly by its reasoning) that Apple Corps lost.

I think both companies are better off with a settlement now rather than after dragging this through the appeal process. Apple makes money, Apple Corps makes money, and possibly the world of iPod users (or which I am not one) gets to hear the Beatles through itty-bitty head phones. Me, I'm trying to locate a new turntable and stylus so I can listen to my original Beatles (yes, purchased 1964-1970), some in the original mono.